Lehigh Valley Model "A" Club

You know it when you hear us coming...AHOOGA!!!

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 Check out the site pages every time you log in for new postings. Things are always being added and changed!  Every time you type in the web site go to the MEMBERS page .There you can sign up for the first time or log in every time you check out the site . For any questions about the club contact us on FACEBOOK!



Please call our Member coordinator: Ben Giralico   at 610 2983011

email: bengiralico@yahoo.com

Mail to P.O. Box 1003 F


If you like you also may add  pictures, and stories if you like.


Updated information !!!

Any person who owns a Ford  model "T" may  post pictures and post  profile  information on the web site. If you own a model "T" and would like to  join as a  paid member in the club, please contact Ben Giralico, The Member Coordinator at 610-298-3011.



                           Enjoy the site everyone!